Monday, December 6, 2010

chewy gingersnaps

As soon as December rolls around, I start to hear this little voice in the back of my head. It wakes me up in the night, growing ever louder and more persistent...

"Amanda...bake...the gingersnaps!"

Okay, so maybe it doesn't happen like that. But as soon as I see Christmas lights up, I start craving these cookies. It's like Pavlov's dogs. Hear "Jingle Bell Rock," drool, bake cookie.

These are everything I could ever hope for in a cookie. Thin, crispy on the outside, melty on the inside, and full of flavor. I'm not a huge fan of ginger (so sue me,) and these cookies don't actually have ginger in them (sue me twice.) I guess if we're going to get technical here, they're more like molasses cookies. But hey, we're all cool with that, right?

Makes about 2 dozen

1 stick butter
1 cup sugar, plus a little for coating
1 egg
1/8 cup molasses
2 cups flour*
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Cream butter & sugar.
3. Add egg & molasses, and mix well.
4. Sift in the dry ingredients.
5. Refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes, or as long as you can stand it.
6. Roll the dough into balls the size of walnuts, coat in sugar, and bake for 8-9 minutes.
7. Remove from the pan asap. They will get firmer and crispier as they cool, so don't overbake!

* I substituted a gluten-free flour blend (honestly couldn't tell you what's in it), but all-purpose flour works great as well.

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